Important: Affiliate Standards & Ethics Policy – Updated Jan 1st, 2019

Thanks for your interest in promoting PE Holy Grail product.  We are very happy to have you as an affiliate, and we’re certain you’ll be thrilled with the results when you begin promoting our offers.

In order to keep customers happy, keep refund rates low, and maintain our brand’s reputation, we ask all affiliates to adhere to the following rules:

No False Claims & Misrepresentation

Affiliates cannot make any false claims about PE Holy Grail products or company generally. This includes, but is not limited to, claiming to offer “special discounts”, “limited time promotions”, “instant PDF download”, or any other claims or statements that are untruthful, or that you (or we as the vendor) cannot deliver.

No Using Copyrighted Product Content

Please do not use any screenshots, text, images, videos or other content from our products or websites (except for those found on the affiliate tools page) without our express written permission. We will be happy to provide resources and other materials to affiliates upon request, please contact us to request content that is not included in our affiliate resource pages.

Publishing Or Reproducing Of All Or Part Of Our Products

Affiliates are prohibited from distributing the contents of PE Holy Grail, in part or in its entirety. This means no offering part of the book as a free giveaway, no publishing excerpts or sections from the PDF / eBook etc. Affiliates are however free to use the provided images within this affiliate tools page, including the cover photo of the PE Holy Grail for promotion.

Further, anyone caught distributing the PE Holy Grail or its companion guides will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of our abilities. Including DMCA takedown requests, cancellation of your hosting account, cancellation of your payment processing account, and potential legal action to recover damages.

Why Have This Policy?

This policy exists to ensure our loyal affiliates who put effort into marketing and providing their users with value are rewarded for ethical marketing practices. More often than not, when these “review sites” exist, the affiliate that originally introduced a user to our product can lose their hard-earned commission if that same user does a Google search, lands on a “review site” and then clicks through that buy link on that review site. Effectively, that affiliate bidding on those terms is poaching the original affiliates commission, and not providing any additional value.

How Is This Policy Enforced?

We monitor the primary search engines and regularly perform these keyword searches. If an affiliate is found to be promoting our product in against the terms of this policy, that affiliate will be “white-listed” for a severely reduced commission rate, making it unprofitable to continue bidding on those terms, which inevitably leads to the site being removed.

We reserve the right to block an affiliate or whitelist an affiliate for reduced commissions at our discretion, for violating the terms set forth above as well as any other additional, unethical tactics used that may negatively affect the earnings our genuine affiliates and the reputation of our offer, The PE Holy Grail.

WHY Promote PE Holy Grail?

We give you a huge 75% commission rate (extremely low refund rate) plus a 50% commission for upsells.

The upsell is a video series consist of 10 basic + 9 advance exercises pricing at $79. Customers who want to gain faster and want to step up this serious gains should have these videos. 

As you may know 99% of the penis enlargement out there in the market are SCAMs. It is very fortunate that you find PE Holy Grail, a working one, with ACTUAL VIDEO TESTIMONIALS, ACTUAL VIDEO PROOF from REAL Customers. Any prospects that can see these proofs will wait no longer to make their penis bigger and make a purchase.

This product will not grow their penis overnight, it takes motivation and dedication, in fact, it typically takes around 2-3 months to see any real growth. Anything that promises a few weeks for growth without any special surgery is simply bullshit and you should avoid that kind of marketing.

So why should you promote our PE Holy Grail?

1. PE Holy Grail is a penis enlargement product that actually works and isn’t SCAM.

2. The only penis enlargement ebook on the market that has Actual video testimonials from actual users in HD, not random guys from nowhere and not some blurry fake videos.

3. A 42-page ebook with no bullshit information written by a penis enlargement veteran with more than 11+ years experience in this industry.

4. Gamify optin to boost optin rate by 4x of normal penis enlargement products.

5. It’s a desperate niche where men want to increase their dick size. The trend in this niche is stable for more than 10 years and it will be like this forever.

6. Optimized 9-days email sales letters with an autoresponder that leads them back to the site to boost even more conversions.

7. 2-high quality free ebooks for customers to entice them to make a purchase.

8. Optimized banners that are ready to use no need to do it yourself.

9. An upsell of video series to boost your revenue even more.

How To Get Started As An Affiliate

You can start making commissions with our product, all you need is a ClickBank account and a custom hoplink. Simply Replace CLICKBANKID with your ClickBank affiliate id:

To start selling our products please go to this page – Affiliate Tools