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Updated Sunday, May 16, 2019

How To Contact Us

If you have any questions about our affiliate program or would like to propose any JV, cross promotions or other opportunities don’t hesitate to reach out to admin [at], we would love to hear from you!

Please also be sure to review our policies at the bottom of this page about promoting The PE Holy Grail using PPC traffic, organic search ranking and keywords in your domain names to ensure your commissions are not inhibited.

Free PE Exercise Guide “Gift”

To maximize optin rate, we use gamify optin to increase the optin rate from typical sales page by 3-4x, giving them a chance to receive a completely free eBook of how to increase their penis size. This gamify optin is actually set to 100% win rate for them so they will surely win and get the free pdf guide.

By giving the visitor a completely free and working eBook, we build trust with the users that they will receive what’s really working for them and don’t get forced to buy right away from typical sales page. Immediately after optin, the user will get an automate email of the free eBook and also will receive the upsell of entire penis enlargement exercise video series.

Then, over the course of 9 days email sequence we provide them with video case studies, pictures proof, testimonials, and other free content to reinforce the effectiveness of our main product, the PE holy grail.

The e-mail sequence warms the prospect up along the way with the intent of getting them to purchase the primary product, the PE Holy Grail, whether they purchased the video series or not. If all else fails and they haven’t converted into a customer by the end of the 9 days series, we will email them again within 4 days with a 30% discount on the PE Holy Grail product. As you can see, getting your hard earned traffic into this marketing funnel is one of the most effective ways to convert skeptical leads, into buyers. This type of customer won’t convert upon being exposed to a sales page right up front.

Best Way To Convert

As you may know, the nature of Penis Enlargement industry is 99% scam. It is very rare that you find working products such as PE Holy Grail. So now that you find a working product it is one step ahead of the others. However, there is another very important step to do to get a higher conversion rate.

From our extensive tests the best way that allows you to get most sell is, when promoting PE holy grail, you should refer to Paul (the author of PE holy grail) as an honest, reliable, knowledgeable man in Penis Enlargement field. This will build trust (which is very hard to find in this industry) to your audiences and will most likely convert more than any other methods.

Furthermore, writing a review about PE Holy Grail in a very friendly tone converts better than anything else. (You could try something else but this is from our tests.)

Banners And Images

There are banners of size:

120×600, 160×600, 180×150, 250×250, 300×250, 336×280, 468×60, 728×90, 260×260

Here are some samples of our banners.

(Update May 15, 2019 : Please download the full package here) Or copy and paste the pictures below into your website.


Using video is one of the best ways to convert so please use our testimonial video below in your website. You can split the video to make it shorter (but more to click) as our attention span is becoming short these days.

Here Is The Video Proof

Click the picture to go to proof page.

It is not advised to use this as a landing page since it’s not so compliance with Clickbank terms (Hence the Buy Now button on that page was removed). However, you could use it as proof and then show them the link to our landing page and get the commission.

PPC / SEO Keywords

Below are some suggested keywords with search volume to use as target keywords. This was updated in January 2019. It should not differ so much because people always search for ways to increase their size.

Download the keyword lists and search volume here.

Email Swipe

Email1 Subject:
They Lied. Size Does Matter
Proof of Penis Enlargement
Women hate it when it’s small
Got Small Penis? I’ve Video Proof That It Can be Bigger

Hey, it’s me [Enter your name]

Have you ever taken a girl home, take your pants off and then see a DISAPPOINTMENT on her face?
If the answer is yes then you need to check this out right now:

I mean…. Who says size doesn’t matter?
You can use your finger instead?
Come on! You know it’s TOTALLY different making your girl c-u-m with your hands versus your d-i-c-k.
Have you ever read online polls with women perspective on guys size?
“I Hate it when it’s small”
“I don’t want to hurt his feeling so I faked my climax”
“I wish my boyfriend’s bigger than this”

Well, me too I wished I was bigger. Then I found “Penis Enlargement Holy Grail” by Paul Marshal


Seriously I don’t even know who the heck he is back then.
But He’s got an HD Video Proof that this stuff works!
Dude, an HD Video! It can’t be faked.

I was so skeptical until I saw the videos. I thought it’s not possible to get bigger….
But man….this is totally different. No stupid pills, extenders, pumps. Just take a look.



Email2 Subject:
Grow Bigger Thicker Naturally
No Pills, Extenders, Pumps, Surgery
Get Bigger without Surgery
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Introducing Penis Enlargement Holy Grail, a 80-page downloadable e-book that’s proven to work.
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Don’t take my word for it. Click and see the actual video proof and testimonials from REAL users here:



Email3 Subject:
A Penis Enlargement System With Actual HD Video Proof
REAL Penis Enlargement with Video Proof
HD video of Enlargement results

Penis size is an important aspect for us men whether you want to admit or not.
Men with small penis try to find solutions or products to make their man bigger.
Too bad, today market is flooded with fake products, pills, creams, etc. That does not even work.
Lucky me I found this “Penis Enlargement Holy Grail”, it’s written by the guy named Paul Marshal.

The thing is this system of his has actual HD video proof and testimonial.
I mean most of the time I would find a fake blurry video but man this video is in HD. It can be faked.
And the testimonial is from real customers. Most of them gain around 2-4 inches!

Forget extenders, pills, suction devices and surgery. They are either expensive, too painful or they just don’t work.
PE Holy Grail is a proven program to increase your size ALL natural within just a few months.
So, if you’re really serious about making it bigger, check it out.